just launched a refreshed site

We’ve just launched a refreshed site, what this means to you and your account. 😁👍

We are happy to announce that this morning we launched our new website!

You are getting this email because you have made a purchase on our site in the past year or so, and to help things in the transition we have brought some of your account information over to the new site (details below, see sidebar about your password).

Our new site has many new features, including a Rewards Program (rewards) where you can get free products. For each order placed you get points that accumulate and later you can redeem for products – you can get more of your favorites or maybe try something that you’ve seen but haven’t tried yet.

Other features will allow us to offer variety packs, some of which will let you select what flavors you’d like. And with some products we can now offer automatic discounts as the quantity you order increase.

Please check out the new site and discover the new features and products. We have introduced several new brands and are offering an introductory 10% off sitewide through the end of February. We will be introducing other new Brands during the year.

We could not transfer your past order history. If you need any information from your past orders, please let us know (orders@enjoytheflavor.com) and we will do our best to retrieve the information you desire from the old database.

Your New Account:

We were able to bring over some of your basic account information, name, tele, email, and default address. We were not able transfer your password, so you will need to set a new one by going to the login page (login – reset), entering your email (which you rcv’d this message on) and clicking on the “reset” link – you will be sent instructions to create a new password.

Password Reset
Password Reset

Finally, we were not able to bring over any reviews for products, so if you have an extra moment please rate and review your favorite products on the new site.

Thank you for your time and business… for being a loyal customer.

Enjoy the Flavor Team!

p.s. – for those balsamic fans, a little bird told us to be on the look out, as there may be a new unforgettable balsamic dressing coming very soon 😉

All Spice Cafe CharMan Unforgettable Foods San Angel Mole Zlicious

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